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According to TV Guide, The Orville will see its freshman season shortened by one episode. Originally, thirteen episodes were planned for the debut season of Seth MacFarlane’s show, but Fox has reduced the order to just a dozen episodes.

Fans of the The Orville don’t need to start panicking that their Thursday night dose of sci-fi dramedy is in danger of being cancelled. The Orville has already been renewed for a second season. The reason for cutting the first season short is probably no more than a scheduling issue with Fox looking to squeeze the entire season into the calendar year rather than have a dangling episode of two after the mid-December break. Fox has made this sort of schedule shuffle before with Lucifer.

So, Season 1’s loss is probably Season 2’s gain, as it will likely be tacked on to that batch of episodes.

At twelve episodes, The Orville will air the Season 1 finale on December 7th.

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